Profit Machine has one simple mission- we want to see happy faces around us. We want to help people to be successful in running their small businesses. Of course, every story is specific and requires a different strategy and a different approach. Stories that you can read on our blog should be taken only as an example, not the “magic” solution you should implement directly within your business strategy.

Because of all this, we would like to hear different stories from you in order to cover as many different topics as possible. We just need you!

Experts and people that are in the business are welcome, but there is enough space for people who are not professionals but want to share their experience with others. In fact, you all are welcome.

Of course, publishing all articles would be impossible. We just have to draw some red lines here.

Our mission at is to end small business failure. We welcome experts to submit guest articles and help small business owners. If you have topics that would be interesting to our readers, here’s what we require:

These are requirements that have to be followed:

  • Expected length of all articles is 500- 1.500 words
  • We would like to see the most “how to” articles and stories from the personal experience
  • As you can see from our previous posts, we are interested in different topics: marketing, finance, HR, social media, online business, online marketing, PR, small business technologies…

The whole point of these articles should be to help our readers. Don’t send me article only because of the SEO value. This is not the practice we will support.

Of course, all articles must be 100% original. Already published articles, scraped or copied content will not be taken into consideration.

After we decide to publish your article, we reserve all rights to change it whatever we like. We also reserve the right to reject any material, for any reason.