Hi folks,
It’s Tyrone Benson, the guy who is responsible for the majority of the articles published on Profit Machine.
I have two wonderful children, a beautiful wife (sweetheart from hi-school days), one cat, turtle and a dog.
This is, in short, how my personal universe looks like.
Now, let me tell you a little bit about how I decided to start my blog. It was a couple of years ago when I was forced to find a solution for our financial problems. I mean, my wife and I had solid jobs with decent salaries, but it just wasn’t enough. It was not like we were spending too much, but we were forced to pay our house loan and provide everything that is needed for our two babies.
And then, the crisis hit us. My salary was cut down to a half and my wife was fired. It seemed like the whole world collapsed. And it was. I just had to find some solution.
Then I started to learn about online business and finance and just one year after, I started to earn more than before the crises. After that, I started this blog in order to help all people who are in the same position as I was. I just know how they feel. I have been there.
I’m convinced that all people are capable to run their own business and to run it successfully. You will be able to find a number of different examples or great success stories and to learn some really helpful things with us. So, just stay tuned,
Tyrone Benson