Improve Your Sales
by Tyrone Benson | 12:14 pm

Do you feel as if your sales are dwindling? Do you want your sales to improve? By simply trying even one of these five ideas you will see improvement.

1. Try Out Your Product

When was the last time or have you ever used the product you are selling? You may be able to give a sales pitch on your product and maybe you can really sell it but there is a big difference between promoting a product you yourself have tried and just delivering a sales pitch. If you yourself have experienced it you will feel more confidence and have more information on all the aspects of your product.

Let’s say you are trying to sell a granola bar you have never tasted, how can you be excited and pass on your excitement on how delicious and great tasting they are if you have never tried them yourself. You will be far more efficient if you experience first hand what it is you are selling.

2. Study Your Product

Have you read any marketing materials which your clients receive? Maybe you need to brush up on your product knowledge so you can better of it to clients and future clients.

3. Do Things Differently

It is very easy to become comfortable and even complacent so why not do things differently. How do you handle your sales call prep? What support do you offer clients after each sale? How do you research?

Consider changing the way you do these things and more. Maybe your questioning patterns can be changed or perhaps you can look for a different kind of potential client. If you are not getting the results you desire with the strategies you use well why keep using them? It may take time to improve everything but start taking it on one step at a time.

4. Look Over Other Salespeople’s Strategies

Think of any successful sales people you may know, many times they have unlocked a key to success. Now not everything will work the same for everyone but you may get good ideas for new approaches when selling.

At times I recall two individuals I worked with who were commission salespeople. They would schedule a day out of the month in which they both made joint calls in the other person’s sales territory. One observed while the other sold. Although they did not make money of the calls they both agreed that what they were able to learn while observing was so valuable.

5. Rest Up

Burnout is a real dangerous thing for a salesperson, the worst. I know far too many salespeople pulling seven day work weeks and that is not healthy. You have to really live without regrets and if you work all day every day you will undoubtedly look back with deep regret. Another thing to consider is that a workaholic is not a great family member. It is hard enough to be in sales so make sure that you have at least one day which is all about you resting and recovering.



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